General Logistics

General Logistics

First Glamour Horizon Limited (FGHL) is a professional logistics brokerage company with a global reach and international appeal. At First Glamour Horizon Limited we partner with major shipping lines globally. FGHL handles different types of shipments of various unique organizations from different industries e.g. Education, Medicals, Telecommunication, Oilfield, Energy, Marine, Construction Renewable Energy, transportation, Power, Mining & Agriculture.

Our years of logistics experience has taught us that not all solutions were made equal and that is why we have created numerous options that businesses can choose from that best suit their needs: we offer an international courier service with integrated multimodal shipping options, including air, sea, and road, for managed transportation solutions; we offer a customs clearance service for when you are looking to expand your business and import/export products across international borders; and we offer procurement services for when you need to source local and international goods, services and works at the best possible price.

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