About Us

Since 2008

Integrity & Satisfaction

We are your trusted partner when it comes to delivering your freight and cargo shipments. We ship millions of packages, documents, cargos, and freight consignments effectively and efficiently around Nigeria and international destinations, air shipping to Lagos, Nigeria, as well as the rest of Africa and the Middle East.

We analyze every aspect of cargo handling from time of arrival to vessel loading. Coordination of cargo handling at the port is a critical stage of the global shipping process. From securing the vessel to on-site supervision at the port of discharge, we provide a hassle free door-to-door chartering procedure. Our methodology keeps PSI exceeding client expectations operationally and commercially. We are your global logistics partner.

Whatever you need to ship or wherever you need to deliver it, we will send it to your destinations and handle it with care and attention. Whether you need logistics solutions from domestic trucking, ocean shipping, international air, warehousing, or door-to-door services, we will manage your logistics needs locally and globally, without hassle.


To sustain a superior service in international freight forwarding, from the development and identification of integrated logistics solutions focused on efficiency, productivity and profitability for importers, exporters and allied clients as well as for our company.


To be leaders in the market of international integral logistics operation services, for quality and customer service, cutting-edge technologies.

Core Values


We act with loyalty, honor and gratitude for the good of our company and each project of our clients, respecting the moral principles and commitments established in the sector.


Commitment is part of our team’s way of acting, because we share the importance of our clients’ projects.


We focus our efforts on making our clients understand the scope of our services, so that they can fully rely on us.


More than just doing, our goal is to understand closely the needs of each of our clients, becoming a true ally.